Hare Art Gallery

I just love the unique expression of each hare and how the ink flows freely, creating each one. Every time I paint these, I am excited to see which hare spirit will be born that day. To see how these hares are born visit my blog.


Original Hare Paintings For Sale

Hares looking to be re-homed in my shop.

Skye Hare Painting.

Mocha Brown Hare Painting.

Mischief Hare Panting.

Grace Hare Painting.

Hare Paintings - Sold

Hare paintings which have found new homes.

Free Flow Hares

Painted free flow so each is unique and a surprise until it is born...

Blossom Hare Animal Painting.

Brown Eyed Hare.

Hope Hare painting.

Harebella Painting.

A Pearlescent Hare Painting.

Midsummer Night Hare.

Mimi Hare Painting.

Woodland Hare Painting.

Emerald Hare Painting.

Candy Heart Hare.

Forest Hare Painting.

Wild Hares

These wild hares are such fun to paint with swirling colours. Each one developing it's own character.....

Wild Hare Painting.

Wild Hare Commission.

Flamenco Hare Animal Painting.

Hare Flutters Painting.

Wild hare Art.

Realistic Hares

Based on a more realistic hare shape but coloured.....

Patchwork Hare Painting.

Namaste Hare Art.

Hare Painting.

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