Animal Art - The Original Paintings 

Affordable original animal art direct from the artist, Jayne Rogers. 

"I try to capture the soul of each animal I paint and love watching them come alive with each paint stroke".

Brown Hare Painting.

Mocha Hare Painting - £40


A sweet brown hare which shimmers gold when it catches the light...

A4 original painting on watercolour paper.

Mischief Moon Hare Painting.

Mischief Moon Hare - £50 

Hand painted mischievous blue moon hare.

A4 original painting on watercolour paper.

12 x 16 inches with card mount.


Intrigue - £75

Hand painted fox looking intriguingly as the butterflies fly.

A4, painted on watercolour paper.

12 x 16 inches with card mount.


Skye Hare Painting - £40

Hand painted hare with fur like cloud formations and a soft copper shimmer.

Original painting on watercolour paper.

10 x 12 inches with card mount.

Grace Hare Painting. Blue Animal Painting by Jayne Rogers Art.

Grace Hare Painting - £70

Hand painted graceful blue grey hare with delicate dancing butterflies.

A4 original watercolour painting.

12 x 16 inches with card mount.

Passion Flamingo Artwork

Passion Flamingo Painting - £70

Hand painted flamingo bursting with colour as he rustles his feathers.

A4 original painting on watercolour paper.

12 x 16 inches with card mount.

Cobweb Painting.

Cobweb Painting - £45 


Hand painted pearlescent cobweb dragonfly or butterfly, you decide....

Painted World

As well as animal art, I have developed my abstract landscape collection of painted worlds. 

Artist Greetings Cards

If you love my animal art, I have created a range of A5 blank greeting cards from my original paintings. They also make lovely prints once framed.

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